Who Dat Nation

With Super Bowl XLIV reaching nearly 100 million viewers, it’s easy to say that football encompasses a large part of American society, and even contributes to how Americans identify themselves. This may be the reason why we usually have one team that is given the title “America’s Team.” For several years this team was known to be the Dallas Cowboys; but in light of recent events, the New Orleans Saints now have the esteemed title.

After all that New Orleans endured following Hurricane Katrina nearly four and a half years ago, the team as well as the city has made a lot of progress. It was hard not to be excited for the Saints as they played in their first Super Bowl. Fans seemed to come from everywhere, with most of the country offering their support. According to Rasmussen Reports, 54 percent of people who participated in a national survey wanted to see the Saints win, even though only 38 percent thought they actually would win.

In an Associated Press article, Colts safety Antoine Bethea was quoted, “There’s a reason America is pulling for New Orleans, and why wouldn’t they? They’ve been through a lot. Sports tend to pull people together, so it’s commendable for New Orleans to be, as I guess you’d say, America’s Team right now.”

Quarterback Drew Brees has contributed to the Saints image as a community-oriented team through his work in several reconstruction projects. In a Reuters article, Brees said about the game, “Our city, our fans, give us strength, we owe this to them — to Saints fans all over the country, and I think we might have gained some after yesterday.”

Nicole Doherty

Stephanie Saulsbury

Lacey Inman