Social Media and a Snowball Fight

It may be hard for Wilmington to imagine, but this past weekend, the Washington D.C. area accumulated almost three feet of snow. When the power is out and the roads are unplowed it’s hard to come up with anything exciting to do. However, a group of young professionals in DuPont Circle formulated a plan that brought people of all ages together. The secret to their success: social media.

When news of the snow was announced on Thursday, Ami Greener and her friend Michael Lipin decided to put their Twitter accounts to a new use. As friends who live on opposite sides of DuPont Circle, they figured it would be fun to arrange a massive snowball fight for the whole city to participate in.

“You keep reading in the media how companies are using Twitter,” Greener said. “I said, ‘Okay, I’m going to do that.’ ”

The tweet went out on Thursday night, along with a Facebook group advertising the snowball fight. On Thursday the group had 33 members, but by Saturday morning it had over 5,000. On Saturday afternoon over 2,000 people, including children, young professionals and lawyers had congregated in DuPont Circle to participate in a good old fashioned snowball fight.

The fight was a carefree attempt to unite a community and take advantage of the record breaking storm.  However, without the help of Twitter and Facebook, it would have undoubtedly been a much smaller event.

Stephanie Saulsbury