Who is your doppelganger?

Doppelganger; German for a literal meaning of the look-alike of another person.  Doppelganger has become a commonly used word especially among the social networking realm of Facebook users.  This past week has slowly caught on to be known as “Doppelganger Week” amid the young and old profiles of Facebook, generating a common denominator between people all over the world.  Although this denominator is not an organization that people have signed up for with the intent of membership, it is similar in that people have chosen to participate in a world-wide activity, linking them to one another.  It is also producing questions among geographically close friend such as “who is your doppelganger” or “do you think Suzy Q’s pictures truly look like her?”
What is Doppelganger Week you ask?  The idea of Doppelganger Week is to change one’s Facebook profile picture to a celebrity or icon that they have been told they most look like.  The chosen doppelganger is not the celebrity one thinks they most look like, but the celebrity the user is most commonly told they look like.  If you have never been told you have a celebrity twin, you’re in luck!   MyHeritage.com is a site specifically made for web users to discover their celebrity counterpart.  The website uses face recognition technology to analyze the facial features of submitted photos.  Once a preferred picture is uploaded, the site searches a database full of recognizable individuals to match your facial features.
Aside from the fun aspect of Doppelganger Week, the question remains if social networking sites can cultivate social capital.  Moreover, can the web enhance invisible friendships?  Some may answer yes as so many people have yielded to the Facebook trend.  In addition to the doppelganger craze, Facebook recently had another trend emerge during the “color of my bra” rage which swept statuses of female Facebook users to support and raise awareness to breast cancer.  Both trends are paving the way in which social networking can build a connection among people who would not otherwise know one another.  It is not certain that people are being united solely on the factor of profile pictures or status updates, but it does create wonder for social networking users.
We now ask what trend will be created in the upcoming weeks, and will you be a participant of what is to come?

-Allyson Corbin