Happiness Hits

Coca-Cola’s launch of their “Open Happiness” social media campaign has successfully raised over $64,000 for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America by allowing users of the social network, Facebook, to send virtual gifts through the site. For every gift sent, Coca-Cola donates $1 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Coca-Cola hopes to raise $250,000 with this campaign.  Once the Facebook gift is given, the gift giver receives a 20-second sneak preview of one of the two Coca-Cola Super Bowl advertisements. The gift is also posted on the receiver’s profile, and provides a link to the Coca-Cola fan page where others can send gifts. One of the Super Bowl advertisements features characters from The Simpsons while the features actor Denzel Washington. “Open Happiness” is a part of Live Positively.

In January, Coca-Cola released a viral video on Youtube.com titled “Happiness Machine.” The video now has over 1,000,000 views, and they continue to rise as word spreads globally. The “Happiness Machine” is a Coca-Cola vending machine that delivers anything from multiple coke bottles to a colossal sub sandwich! This “Happiness Machine” dovetails perfectly with their “Open Happiness” campaign, which they have launched globally.

Shortly after the Super Bowl, Coca-Cola is expected to sweep headlines with their sustainability plans for the winter Olympics in Vancouver. Coke will aim to make everything eco-friendly and produce “zero waste.” For example, the coolers they use will run on eKOfresh technology, which nearly eliminates direct greenhouse gas emissions. The vehicles they use to deliver beverages from their facilities will run on diesel-electric hybrid energy. Electric carts will be used within the venue. The tables and chairs will be made from wood salvaged from the pine-beetle epidemic in British Columbia, menu boards will be made of recycled materials, and the list continues.

With Coca-Cola leading the “beverage battle,”  Pepsi will have a challenge with its new “Pepsi Refresh Project” campaign.

Rachel Kaylor, Writer
Danielle Murray, Researcher
Mandy Baker, Designer