A Sold Out Superbowl

A Sold Out Super Bowl With the National Football League’s 2010 Super Bowl coming up this Sunday and the hype around the Colts vs. the Saints, the anticipation around this year’s commercials are in full swing. It comes as no surprise that this game draws around 95 million viewers and is obviously one of the biggest advertising events of the year. The ad agency, Venables Bell & Partners, conducted a study and found that 66 viewers remember their favorite advertiser in the 2009 Super Bowl, but only 49 percent remember which team won.

In 2009, the influence of the recession caused past advertisers to scale back or even not participate in last years Super Bowl causing sales to slow in the weeks prior to the game.

This seems to no longer be a negating factor for this season because as of yesterday CBS ( New York Times) has sold all of the advertising spots for this Sunday’s game. In the beginning of December the company had already sold almost 90 percent of its available commercial time with prices reaching as high as $3 million for a 30-second spot with the game averaging around 50 to 60 spots.

The top advertisers for this year include Anheuser-Busch InBev Budweiser and Bud Light beers. One advertisement which has caused some criticism is by Focus on the Family featuring Tim Tebow, which has women’s groups claiming it sends an anti-abortion rights message.

Never before have such controversial advertisements run during the spectacle. We shall see how the public responds to these provoking messages this Sunday night.

– Taylor Diehl