Are Your Tweets Oscar Worthy?

Mark your calendars everyone! The 2nd Annual Shorty Awards are coming up! This aptly named award show celebrates the effective, efficient and successful use of the Twitter user’s 140-character tweets to best represent the powerful use of Social Media and Social Networking. The Twitter website declares “The Shorty Awards honor the best people and organizations on Twitter. These unique awards are for the Twitter community by the Twitter Community.”

The 2010 ceremony will be held in New York City during the month of March, This year’s ceremony is already predicted to show support for organizations and individuals and their role in using Twitter to highlight the issues in Haiti and the rapid aid and assistance it then brought about. Haiti resident and TV personality Carel Pedre is the standout nominee, thus far having 163 nominations in five different categories. According to CNN “His twitter site has become a virtual clearing house for aid agencies and those seeking urgent help.” His social network site and social media effects seen on Twitter have placed him at the number five spot of the “#innovation” category of the award show.

Betty Draper, the fictional housewife in the popular hit  “Mad Men ,” along with some of the rest of its characters were big winners during 2009 show.  Other fictional stars who were big winners last year are also expected to continue their success this year.  To many users approval however, the Haiti Twitter-er is projected to make a big impact on and dent into this years ceremony. Any Twitter user can vote for, nominate and or campaign for any of the chosen nominees.

So although the highlights of this  award show will not be the best or worst dressed, the entertaining performances, or the comedic host, this new and renovating award show will prove to further the influence, use and importance of Social Media.

-Shannon Meadows