Orange You Glad We’re Green?

Although most would not argue with the fact that the push for “going green” is a necessary and important step for companies, as consumers and the target audience of the companies we must consider the reality. In an ideal world, companies are going green because it is the right thing to do and they are concerned about our environment. However, the skeptical student in me makes me take a step back before buying into their “concern” and think about their true intentions. Take a look at this commercial for Xango and their new “Green” initiative.

Catchy jingle but is Xango really concerned about doing their part to help reduce their carbon footprint? Or in a world where going green is the latest fad, can companies simply not afford to stay in their old ways? Organic and “green” is what consumers want whether companies like it or not.  Although it is not completely a bad thing since it does force companies to make the change, it also may lead to consumers giving companies more praise than they deserve. So before you tweet about how XYZ company is “going green” think about the possible reasons behind their move before you press enter.

-Alaethea Hensley, Jessica Kingman, and Lauren Phelps

Global Warming: A Global Concern

Most of us are familiar with the term “going green,” and we all agree that it is a good thing.  Reusing, recycling and emitting less greenhouse gasses are awesome. 
Greenhouse gasses have been a hot topic for many years, particularly when it comes to global warming.  Some scientists and Al Gore are looking into the effects that humans are having on the earth and saying we are the cause of global warming.  Many people are saying that high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are trapping heat and causing temperatures to raise, glaciers to melt and sea levels to change.  All those things are detrimental to many wildlife habitats and could ultimately lead to the extinction of human kind.  Some scientists are saying that we need to take The Polar Bear Pledge, find cleaner sources of energy and stop eating so much beef.

Some scientists are saying that the sun simply goes through hot and cool spells, and right now it happens to be hot.

Global warming due to human activity has been marketed to us very successfully, and most people think it is true because its prominence in the media has allowed for many repeated messages (agenda setting).  We are not trying to reject any of the scientific research that has been done to support global warming theories, but from an IMC standpoint we should know better than to blindly accept something as true without questioning it and researching both sides.  There are many theories about global warming that have nothing to do with humans. Some researchers say that global warming and cooling is a natural phenomenon that has been occurring since the beginning of time due to the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere.  Political analysts say that many people stand to benefit financially from global warming with the trading of carbon credits, and that certain politicians have dual roles in the matter, as advocates and investors.  Either way, it is wise to take a stance on the issue; the wellbeing of our world is at stake and it is up to us to protect it.

-Stephanie Bakolia, Claire Outlaw, David Glaubach

Looking Forward

Going green.  It seems to be at the top of every corporation’s priorities.  In this day and age we have a better understanding for how unsustainable our daily lifestyles have been since the start of industrialism.  In the past, building and developing areas was praise-worthy.  Urbanization has supplied new jobs and opportunity for the ever-increasing population.   It is only in last fifteen to twenty-five years that we have started to realize that depleting our natural resources and burning fossil fuels cannot persist at the rate at which they are.

Alternatives must be sought out. 

Today, we can still live freely without compromise, however, the media has brought on an underlying pressure to conserve and to use less.  People are speaking out about Global Warming’s effects and the public is listening.  The message is now resonating that the way we do business personally and professionally needs to change.  With a heightened awareness of going green amongst the general public, it has opened up a new avenue for companies to use in appealing to their target audience.

“Green this, organic that”…  business motives have shifted and companies are doing whatever they can to show they are a green, sustainable business. Marketers have leaped into branding “green” through strategies and ideas that promote the better goodness of the environment.  Besides a company’s involvement in becoming more sustainable, the main concern lies within the image they portray. Today, for the general public green equals good.  In going with a “green” company, it allows people to grant themselves with a feeling that they are doing the right thing for themselves, their environment, and the future based on what the mass media has hyped about the environment.  The color green symbolizes many positive aspects about a company’s values, making it crucial for any business to incorporate the theme into the design of their logo, website, advertisements etc.  Having an overall look of being clean, simple, sustainable, organic or recyclable seems to be what’s driving some of the most successful companies around us today.

by: Oliver Evans, Sally Shupe, Jared Sales

Give Thanks for Brand Names

On this Black Friday, like every other Black Friday before it, shoppers look forward to the best deals. Everyone wants the most they can get for the least they have to pay. Sure Thanksgiving was only a day before, but once the clock strikes midnight, all thoughts of Thanksgiving have left and the pressure of buying Christmas gifts have set in full-force. Black Friday is a day of ultimate competition between brands with similar target markets. Businesses want people to buy products simply because for today they can afford it, not because they necessarily need it. There is a balance that every business and shopper alike struggle with. This is the balance between quality, quantity, and price of a product. Black Friday is the day that no one has to struggle so much with this balance. Today marks a delicate exposure of brands and how low they are willing to go price-wise to beat out the competition but still make a hefty profit.

It might pain a business to hang up those 50% off signs, but they must remember it is only for one day and in this one day, they know they will have more business than possibly any other time of the year. So why is it that while other stores are giving promos for additional percentages off purchases and knocking prices left and right while brands like Apple are “pushing it” to give $61 off a $600 product? This is what happens when your brand name is seemingly more valuable than the products themselves. Sure you can go to Best Buy and purchase a knock-off iPad for a quarter of the price, but when Black Friday is over, you are going to be wishing you had the apple logo on the back of the tablet. For the thrifty buyers whose ranking from most to least important is price, quantity, and quality, the fact that Apple does not subject themselves to sales and price slashing means that they will not be purchasing Apple products. However, if you have developed a brand loyalty for a certain brand name and you know whether that product is on sale or not you are going to buy that product, then Black Friday is exciting for you even if the sale is next-to-nothing. At the end of the day, you wind up $61 richer than you would have been.

-Claire Dillard, Liz LaPuasa

There is an app for that! A food app!

If you are like most people you probably use technology to do just about anything, so why not use technology to help cook your Thanksgiving dinner? Being responsible for housing your in-laws, and preparing a feast for several hungry stomachs at the same time has never been easier! With loads of mobile applications you can make your grocery list, shop, and even have a step by step guide on how to make each dish for your meal to really have your Thanksgiving made simple. There are applications that allow you to make your grocery list and even tell you how much money you spend so you will not have the temptation to splurge. There are also apps called kitchen calculator for when there’s no time for math in the kitchen, not to worry this app has it covered. All you have to do is select a unit of measurement and in no time you’ll be converting, multiplying and adding your way to the perfect turkey stuffing.

Leftovers? No problem! The application called “Love Food Hate Waste” offers advice on what to do with all that leftover food sitting in the fridge staring at you every time you open it. This app helps you to prepare meals with all those week’s worth of leftovers. The best part of all is that you can actually take all of the different types of leftovers you have and throw them into a virtual blender and it will concoct a whole list of yummy recipes straight from the ingredients in your fridge!  We all have a love for food. These smart apps help make our cooking experience easier and will also help bring out each of our inner Julia Childs. The digital marketing era keeps expanding and growing. Each and every day another food app is discovered and added to the encyclopedia of over 60,00 apps. What will these marketers thing of next??? Just type in food into any digital device and see!

Enjoy your family, be thankful for all you have and don’t eat too much!

Have a very happy Thanksgiving from IMC 2 class!


-Ashley Nelson, Jordan Hill, Michela Noreski

Ready to shop ’til you drop?

Gobble, Gobble! Happy Thanksgiving Eve! With all the impending excitement of a delicious home-cooked meal, time spent relaxing with family, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and of course football, let’s not forget about another American tradition: Black Friday. Every eager deal hunter and thrifty mom alike will be setting their alarm bright and early to take advantage of all this day has to offer. With deals such as Walmart’s Emerson 32″ LCD TV for $188 to Best Buy’s 24″ Dynex HD TV set for a crazy price of $79.99, the early hours are completely worth it.  Target has DVD’s for as low as $1.99 per DVD, while Sears is offering sweaters for 60 percent off from 4 a.m. to 1 p.m. only. With these prices, who needs to advertise? The prices seem to speak for themselves. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Companies seem to be spending a great deal of time and effort on their advertising campaigns, from targeted Black Friday commercial campaigns, to leaked Thanksgiving Day newspaper inserts.

Target has put an interesting spin on things and has changed the way they have marketed to these consumers. Instead of bombarding customers with prices and products they should be looking forward to buying, they have tried a different technique: portraying a ‘stereotypical’ yet over the top Black Friday shopper.  The commercials feature a woman who has been counting down the days to shop at Target for Black Friday, and gives herself pep-talks and training sessions to prepare for the big day. This fresh way of advertising really seems to have hit a nerve with the public. This is a pure example of a well-executed targeted marketing message. It’s a tongue in cheek inside joke Target is portraying to their customers, “Yes, Black Friday shoppers are crazy, but, hey, with prices this good, there’s a reason to be,” Target has been spreading this campaign through traditional mediums, such as through TV commercials, as well as through social media. They have released additional videos of the “crazy Target lady” on Youtube, as well as giving her a personal Twitter account “ChristmasChamp” to the tune of over 13,000 followers thus far. Although the cost benefits from shopping on Black Friday speak for themselves, the advertising for this day certainly serves as a great positive reinforcement. Happy shopping!

Phelps, Kingman, Hensley

Celebrate Thanksgiving (or any season) With Butterball!

In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies.  For more than two centuries, days of thanksgiving were celebrated by individual colonies and states. 
It wasn’t until 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, that President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day to be held each November.  To this day, the centerpiece of Thanksgiving in the United States is a large meal, centered around a large roasted turkey.  Thanksgiving dinner is not complete without the perfectly cooked turkey, but not all of us can be masters in the kitchen.  What happens if you don’t know how to cook a turkey?  Don’t sweat it!  It’s not a problem because now there’s the infamous Butterball Turkey Talk-Line if you need cooking assistance.

Butterball is a brand of turkey and other poultry products produced by Butterball LLC.  The company manufactures food products worldwide and specializes in turkey, deli meats, raw roasts, and other specialty products, such as soups, salads, sandwiches and entrees. Butterball operates the world’s largest turkey-processing plant in Mount Olive, North Carolina and sells over one billion pounds of turkey a year.  Butterball is so popular that one in every five turkeys sold in the United States comes from them.  How did this Butterball craze start, though?

Butterball has been around since 1940, but it wasn’t until late 1981 when the company decided to start a toll-free telephone line called the Turkey Talk-Line, that it skyrocketed.  The mission of creating the talk-line was to help customers with cooking and preparation questions during the Thanksgiving season.  During the first year of the Turkey Talk-Line, 11,000 people called in.  Because of the rising popularity of the Turkey Talk-Line and the huge interest in Butterball products, the company decided to expand its business.

Butterball has a talk-line open to the public on weekdays from 8am-8pm. But it now also has a website that offers consumers the opportunity to celebrate traditional holidays and everyday meal occasions with the Butterball branded line of products.  Whether it’s the annual family get-together or just a day in the office or at school, people can celebrate with Butterball turkey.  Butterball’s website provides a variety of recipes and ideas and also offers tips and how-to’s.  If you are a new cook or are just interested in watching videos on how to choose, thaw, stuff, roast, and carve a turkey, you now do so with Butterball.

In recent years, Butterball has become even more recognizable.  The Turkey Talk-Line number has grown to over 200,000 and it continues to increase with each holiday season. There are many brands that are associated with the holiday season; the next time you grocery shop for that Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, Butterball won’t let you down. Happy holidays!

-Stephanie Bakolia, Claire Outlaw, David Glaubach