Wow WE made it!

As my final days at UNCW come to an end I start to remember how it all began. When I came to the university I was young and clueless, not only about my college career but life in general. With the guidance of great faculty and an excellent student body I found my way to where I am now. A few finals away from Graduation day….

I am nervous and excited, yet scared of not knowing what my future holds. There is one thing that I am certain of, and that is I know UNCW has prepared me for the next step in my life no matter what that step is. I say this to all the seniors graduating now, and to those that will graduate in the future. You might not know what exactly your next step is, but you can be certain that your college experience has prepared you for it.

My advice to anyone that will graduate later on down the road is to make the most of your college experience. Take the classes that interest you, talk to your teachers and meet your peers. I know it sounds “old” and kind of “cheesy”, but when you step foot on campus do everything to the best of your ability. Don’t hold back anything because one day your college career will near the end and you want to feel how I feel now. You want to feel prepared for the future, and you want to know that you tried as hard as you could in school and did everything you wanted. Take advantage of the opportunity you have to attend college and make the most of it.

-Drew Mayer

To the graduating class of 2011, WE made it! This is our moment to say all the research papers, presentations, nights in the library, our stress because we procrastinated in finishing a project, we did it and all our hard work has finally paid off. This is the moment our parents have been waiting for when they can say their “little” boy or girl graduated from University. All of us have come so far, gone through the good and the bad, and we can finally say we did it, were graduating. Most of us have been going to school non-stop basically our whole lives and some of us will continue our education in Graduate School. But what we most importantly need to understand is we never gave up, even when at times it seemed as we would never reach the end. I was a transfer student to UNCW in the fall of 2009 and attended this University not knowing a single person. Let’s just say how blessed I feel that I chose to be a Communication Studies major transferring in. You’re forced into groups, your forced to stand up and talk about your self the first day of class, but most importantly your forced to learn how to COMMUNICATE and NETWORK with others.

These past two years at UNCW have been the most rewarding experience I could have imagined. Not only is it a great school, but also the Communication Studies faculty and students make it enjoyable to go to school each day. When Professors still greet you in the hallway by your first name even though they haven’t taught you in over a year and ask about your future plans, which to me is the best feeling. To those of you not graduating embrace your time left here. It comes sooner than you think and as excited I am to be graduating, I will miss it more than I thought I would. Not only should you embrace your education but embrace your life outside of school. Soon we grow up, we graduate, we get jobs, start families and as amazing as that is going to be, your time at school is a part of your life that comes and goes fast. Never stop having fun and enjoying life and always remember to network as much as you can. Cheers!

-Lindsey Baggett

The Show Goes On…

Well, it’s just about here. Graduation. As cliché as it sounds, I have to say that time really has flown by. My time as a communication studies major has been both rewarding and enjoyable. I can honestly say that I never had a bad experience with a single class or professor within the department and the courses I took. Through all the courses I took from PR to TV studio to IMC and the major requirements I was lucky enough to meet some of the most talented and bright people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know.

I would especially like to thank Professor Pezzuolo, and Dr. Persuit for spawning a new found interest in the television and marketing industries respectively. And, perhaps most importantly, I would like to thank my fellow communication studies majors, my peers, my friends. I believe that graduating with a degree in communication studies is somewhat of a team effort and I could not have done it all without the help of my fellow classmates just as I would like to think I helped them. It has truly been a great few years and I plan to keep in touch and continue all the friendships I have made well into the future as I figure out my next step into the real world. So once again, to all the people I have had the pleasure of meeting, you all are the best. Cheers!

Eric Holtzman

Saturday May 14th marks the end of a great journey for my fellow Communication Studies majors and me. It is amazing the changes we have all made from being P-COM students to almost graduates. I have enjoyed my time at UNCW and in particular the Communication Studies department, and if I had to do it all again I wouldn’t change a thing.

The great aspect about the Communication Studies department is that you learn just as much outside of the classroom as you do inside the classroom. The theories that you are taught in class serve a distinct purpose when interacting with students and especially with group projects. I encourage everyone to make the most of the relationships you form with students and faculty. Three tips of advice are be prepared, take advantage of every class period, and be a good group/teammate. For each class be prepared to interact with your teachers and other students. Great group discussion is only successful with great participation. Also, take advantage of the relationships you make with classmates. These connections will last a lifetime and we will all be able to help each other out in the working world. Last piece of advice is to be a good group mate. Take the initiative and know that you only go as far as the group goes. A special thanks to Dr. Persuit, Professor Pezzuolo, Dr. Comeaux your advice and support has been amazing!

“Surround yourself with good people and good things are going to happen”

-Unknown Author

Ryan Kelley

We Made It!

Is this it? Is this really the ending of my time at UNCW? I can’t believe it. It feels like I was just in my first summer semester class with Coach Honeycutt, PE 101, the last “basic studies” class I needed to take before I could begin my journey of courses in the Communication Studies Department. I was a transfer student from Carteret Community College and although I was a Junior, my experience at a university was more like beginning as a freshman. I can remember the nervousness of starting that Fall semester 2009, I mean I had the experience of being on campus from the summer class but I had never been use to so many people. Especially COM 105, there was somewhere around 140 students (a number not so overwhelming now). I still am amazed at how well Dr. Weber commanded attention to the students and captured my interest, impressively it was his first semester teaching that class, and it wasn’t until the end of the semester that I found that out. I owe Dr. Weber a lot of respect and gratitude for how well he guided me that semester and continued thereafter. Without his direction and the many daily visits to his office, I’m not sure I would be graduating right now. After all, I did drop out of UNCG in my freshman semester. However, because Dr. Weber personally continued to remember my name throughout my time here at UNCW, offering leadership and advising, it allowed me to become more comfortable within the Com Department. And that’s the thing right there. Almost every professor in the Com Department can remember my name, that’s amazing! Especially with all the students that come through their class doors. Never before have I experienced such a large collection of professors who truly cared about me as a student and on a personal level. And I’ve attended 2 other colleges. They’ve made me feel very special and honored to be a part of UNCW.

I owe a special and kind thank you to Dr. Brunson, who only had me in one summer class, but even so gives a friendly smile to me in passing and still calls me by name. Out of all the required Core classes I enjoyed her class, Communication Theory, the most. The warmth and kindness she has expressed really made me wish I could have  had her as a professor for COM 490, but I have tremendously enjoyed professor Kelly Dixon this semester. Kelly (as she likes to be called) taught Interpersonal Communication in my first full semester and the confident yet jovial attitude she expresses every single day, even now in COM 490, always makes me want to attend her classes. No matter how dry the lecture, Kelly always made the concepts and terms fun. I’ll never forget her fav. expressions like “devastated”. And I don’t see how I could’ve relaxed through all of COM 490 without her positive upbeat attitude.

I also would like to recognize Dr. Persuit; and not because she’s my professor now and oversees this blog; and not because I want to flatter her and get some kind of bonus credit or something; but because I’ve never been so challenged at UNCW by someone who has not only such a hard work ethic, but is possibly one of the most intelligent professors I’ve ever heard lecture. And that’s saying a lot because all of our professors in the Com Department are highly intelligent. At the beginning of this semester one of our classmates said they were intimidated of Dr. Persuit (and this is someone who is very confident), and I can agree solely because I’ve never wanted to let her down or disappoint her. Ever. Yet I always feel like I will, or something. But I want to thank her not because of all of those things; but because she truly motivates me to do better. Back in the day, I had a high school teacher that once said, “Good, better, best. Do until your good is better and your better is best.” I’ve always wanted my best to come through in her classes, and in all the 3 classes I’ve had with her, I hope I’ve accomplished at least this much. But it’s such a relief to know that a lot of stress is almost over and that I will graduate. However, bittersweet. I have truly enjoyed my time at UNCW and the Communication Studies professors have made my experience here one of the best in my life.

-JC Salter

Holy shit, I’m graduating from college!  Not the most proper way to convey my feelings, but I can think of no other words that adequately describe my thoughts on this monumental experience.  A few short weeks ago, I uttered the same phrase with fear and uncertainty.  I’ve been a student for most of my life, and soon I wasn’t going to be.  What was I going to do?  The thought terrified me.  However, I now embrace graduation and I am SO ready for it.  I know I’ve been working toward this goal for the past four years, but now it’s a reality and I couldn’t be more excited and optimistic for what my future holds.

During my time at UNCW I have grown and learned so much, both in and out of the classroom.  The people I’ve met have enriched my life in ways that I never thought possible.  It hasn’t always been a walk in the park (Com 200 memories anyone?), but I wouldn’t trade my college experience for anything.

I came into UNCW with the intentions of being a Communication Studies major, and although I thought about switching, a few times I am so glad that I stuck with it.  I found the major that works with my brain; everything I’ve learned makes sense and I can see it applied in real life.  This is probably due to some of the awesome professors I’ve had.  Kelly Dixon made Interpersonal, Organizational and my Capstone classes that I enjoyed attending and has given me some of the best advice outside of the classroom.  Dr. Persuit fostered my love (and sometimes hatred) of IMC and corporate communications, and introduced me to the world of Public Relations, the field I have chosen to go into when I graduate.  Jennifer Chin further drove home the concepts of PR, and let me know how it was going to be in the real world.  These three women really made my time at UNCW something I loved and enjoyed, and for that I cannot thank them enough.

-Eliza Wadson

“I go back to the smell of an old gym floor
The taste of salt on the Carolina shore
After graduation and drinkin goodbye to friends
And I go back to watchin summer fade to fall
Growin up too fast and I do recall
Wishin time would stop right in its tracks
Everytime I hear that song, I go back, I go back.”
“We all have a song that somehow stamped our lives
Takes us to another place and time…”                                                                                                
                                                    -Kenny Chesney

Graduation has snuck up much quicker than I had expected.  How is it possible that my college career is almost over?  Surprisingly, my attitude towards graduation is bittersweet.  The excitement and hype of graduating is unreal, but I wish I could experience college for a little longer.  I’m sure most of us graduating seniors agree, right?  This is the same feeling I had when I graduated from high school.  The idea of entering into another world, so to speak, gives me a broad range of emotions.  Where do I go from here?  What new people will I meet?  Will my friends and I stay in contact with one another?

Only time will tell….

I’ve changed immensely over the time I have spent at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.  I have met people from different areas in the country, had my fair share of long nights followed by early mornings, spent hours on end in Club Randall, and drank an incalculable amount of iced caramel macchiatos to say the least.  However, all of these things only led me down the path that got me to where I am now.

I will leave UNCW with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies and a large amount of gratitude goes out to all whom helped me achieve this.  Yes, there were times when I just wanted to blow off a paper or do the least amount on a project, but my conscience wouldn’t have it.  If I would have done that I wouldn’t be graduating with honors and I would have more than likely let down members of my group.  To all my fellow COM majors, you know what I’m talking about when it comes to group work and how much time is spent in basically every COM class each semester with a group.  For those of you in COM 200 or on the verge of taking COM 200 (or whatever it is going to be called next year due to the renumbering of the course list), that is only the beginning of group work.  My advice?  Strap-in, work hard, be a team player, prepare for all obstacles regarding conflicting opinions and handle them the most ethical way possible.

I know that in my future career of public relations and integrated marketing communication, I will look back on my time at UNCW and refer to the advice and knowledge that all of my professors bestowed upon me.  They are well-educated in what they teach and make an impact on the lives of their students.  I see myself a year from now in the workforce with a specific project thinking…what would Dr. Persuit or Jennifer Chin suggest that I do?  All in all, I know that I’ll find myself hearing a song or being put in a certain situation that will take me back to my days at UNCW and remind me of all the good times that I had.  These are the days that, although frightening, I look forward too.

-Danielle Dorantich

The Life & Lessons of Communication Studies Seniors

After four years I am ready to graduate and take the next big step in my life.  When I first came to UNCW I thought I wanted to major in Biology.  I learned after my first two semesters that it wasn’t a good fit for me.  That summer I took some communication classes and found my match.  Since then I haven’t looked back.

I have been very fortunate to have such wonderful friends and professors that made my college experience amazing.  I have found so much support here that it will be very hard to leave.  But thanks to their help, I am truly ready to join the professional world. Between my course work and campus involvement I know I can balance a heavy load and I welcome the challenge.  There have been many times in my four years that a week has gone by and I realize how much I accomplished.  I have pushed myself and learned that I will meet my goals.

A big part of my accomplishments can be credited to my classes.  I have tried to take a variety as well as advance coursework.  I want to thank the professors that have designed these courses and taught me all that I have learned.  A special thanks to Dr. Persuit who I have taken for many classes.  She has brought her experience to the classroom and showed us how we would use our skills in the real world.  A thanks to Professor Bollinger who taught us to work hard and never underestimate ourselves.  And another thanks to Professor Pezzuolo for providing a creative outlet in the classroom.  There are many other members of the UNCW team that deserve thanks.  Without them, my experience would have been very different.

- Carissa Niederkorn

As the semester comes down to a close, it’s hard to imagine that this is the end. For some of us, the thought of finishing high school and going on to the promised land (a.k.a college) was all that filled our young, scholarly minds. Now that we have gotten through this institution dubbed as higher education, some of us begin to feel nervous, anxious, scared, and even lost as to what to expect after this fantastic journey.  I for one forgot to think about what life might be like after college. I was so busy just trying to get here that I never even thought about what my life might be like after all of this was said and done.

All of my experiences so far have been wonderful. Through all of the ups and downs, I can say that I will be graduating with my head held high and my future wide open. Specifically speaking, my professors have taught me so many invaluable skills that even I may not yet know to what extent these skills will help me in my future. Classes concerning speech, personal finance, integrated marketing, research methods, and more classes that talked about theories than I could handle, I can safely say that I am truly grateful for the time that I have spent here at UNCW. I am looking forward to what the next few pages of my life will bring, but I will always remember my studies, professors, the memories that I created, and the friendships that I will never let go of.

- Deji Adeleke

As the semester comes to a close, I can only look back at the last four years and wonder how it went by so fast.  I entered into UNCW with no direction and am now leaving as a confident, knowledgeable young professional.  I want to use this post give a little “Senior Advice” to those of you who may still have a couple of years.

Write EVERYTHING down.  If I’ve learned this lesson I’ve learned it a thousand times.  You really do have the best of intentions on remembering that homework assignment or that group meeting but trust me on this one, if you don’t write it down (in a place that you’ll look back at), you will slip up eventually.

Stop PROCRASTINATING! Seriously.  Stop.  Have you ever finished something a few days early and had that overwhelming feeling of accomplishment?  Okay, I can’t say that it’s happened to me very often but when I do, my life seems to be in much better order and I can focus on the other things that I’ve thrown by the wayside.  (Like laundry. Just ask my roommate.)  So use those time management skills you like to refer to during a job interview! Get it done now and be ahead of the rest.  You’ll just feel better.

Get to KNOW your classmates.  Most likely, you will see them again so sit somewhere different in the classroom, set up a small group study session, and after you’ve finished a big project together, go celebrate!  These are the people who have been through the same stressful papers and projects as you.  Take note of what they may have to offer because you never know, they may be your boss one day.

Get INVOLVED!  Whether it’s an academic club, sports, Greek life, or the other hundreds of activities offered on campus, this is your opportunity to branch out and network.  You never know who may stop in as a guest speaker or have a parent in your field of interest.

Same goes with INTERNSHIPS.  Internships, internships, internships.  Enough said.

I hope that my experiences can help guide those of you who are still living the good life.  Make the best of it!  Good luck to my fellow Seniors!  The end is bittersweet but I am confident that my education at UNCW as a Communication Studies major has prepared me for what lies ahead.

-Tiffany Evans

I’m a big fan of lists. I like To Do Lists, lists of funny animals, lists of the top songs of the radio. Put anything in list form and, chances are, I will read it. So, to wrap up my time on the IMC-Hawks blog and at UNCW, I present the Top 4 Things I’ve Learned At UNCW.

4.) There’s a reason that you’re required to take the core classes in COM Studies. When you’re sitting in COM 200 or Communication Theory, you might be tempted to zone out or phone it in. Resist! Facebook will still be there after an hour and a half, I promise! Our professors have debated and discussed and voted on why these courses are required for majors and its because they tie into every single class we take as COM Studies students. So take listen up, take good notes, and, most importantly, see how the theories and concepts that you’re learning fit into your other courses. It can actually be (not to sound nerdy) fun!

3.) Take Your Time Figuring Out Your Path Whether you need to take your time figuring out if you want to pursue PR or TV Production, or if you want to be a COM major or a Creative Writing major (or both!): Take Your Time! So often in our lives we’re rushed to make decisions and it can feel like everyone’s pressuring you to just make up your mind. Here’s the thing, those people won’t be the ones in your classes or taking your exams or, eventually, looking for jobs in that area. I have a friend who’s switched from Marine Bio to Biology to Nursing to Biology (again) and she’s one of the happiest, most well-adjusted people I know. This is YOUR life and it’s okay to slow down, take a breath, and take your time figuring out your next step!

2.) You have the rest of your life! As graduation was looming in front of me and I had no job in sight, I started, to put it lightly, freaking out. After spending numerous nights losing sleep over it and having it act as a dark cloud over my last few weeks at UNCW, I finally had a revelation. For the past 21 years and a handful of months, I’ve been trained to think in terms of “summer vacation”, as in “What will I do to occupy my time for the next 3 months?” And, after thinking about it, I realized that after I leave UNCW, I’ll have the next 80 years or so to fill with amazing adventures and life-changing decisions. So, when your time comes to leave this wonderful place, take a deep breath and know that it’s ok to do something completely unique to you for a few weeks, months, or years before finding your next step.

1.) Your Professors Are People Too! When I was in elementary school, I always had this idea that my teachers lived at school. If I opened the closet, I would find that it was actually a door to a nice apartment set-up where my second grade teacher resided. As a matured, my ideas of my teachers did too. If you take nothing else from this list, please realize this: The people standing in front of you in your classes are people with thoughts and dreams and goals. And, because they’re wonderful, a lot of these dreams and goals are focused on the success of their students (that’s us!) So whether it’s taking the time to tell a professor that you really liked how they taught a particular theory in class or even just asking how they’re doing that week, do it! I can not thank the professors I’ve encountered enough, both in the COM department and outside, for the guidance they’ve provided during my four years. So, do me a favor, and say something nice to one of your professors before the year is out!

- Anna Kate Babnik

Communication Studies Family

The countdown for UNCW’s Communication Studies graduation is getting smaller and smaller. Now the graduating seniors can see the “real world” at a distance, and the reality of graduating and growing up is causing stomach pains filled with nervousness, but excitement for the future. Personally, I find it so hard to say goodbye to my Communication Studies family. I have developed such great relationships with not only the students, but with the professors as well.These are the people that helped me become the motivated woman that I am today.  I’ve learned so many aspects of communication, from interpersonal to integrated marketing communication to negotiation and conflict management. Therefore, I want to thank the members of the UNCW Communication Studies faculty that taught me so much.

I want to thank David Bollinger from the start in Introduction to Communication Studies. It was great traveling with you on the class trip to Greece and Italy. Most of all, the Direct Individual Study of communicating with women in a public health setting is what really helped me focus my career goal of communicating in the public health field. I also want to thank Tammy Bulger, it was great to have you in Interpersonal Communication and I learned so much from you in 490. I am so thankful for learning about the job search process and informational interview from you. I’ll miss seeing you at the basketball games. Although I didn’t have many classes with them, I still want to thank Bill Bolduc, Lauren Frye, Jerry Bagnell,  Dr. Olsen, and Susan Lanier. You all taught such different parts of communication and I know I will use these skills in the future.

Most of all, I want to thank my fellow Communication Studies classmates. You all are so supportive and make a great family. I’m going to miss seeing all of you everyday.

-Megan Canny

I have had a great four years here at UNCW, and have been through some ups and downs. Unfortunately, I will not be graduating in two weeks like the majority of the best class of Seahawks to ever grace UNCW with their presence, the Class of 2011.  Instead, I will be officially walking across the stage in December. Though I would much rather be graduating now, it is simply not an option.  I originally came to the university as a NC Teaching Fellow, with plans to teach high school history. Halfway through my junior year, it finally occurred to me that I had not desire to teach. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to completing this “victory lap” as “super-senior” and entering into the real world. Yes, I am a rarity, as I am so ready to be out of college and into the real world on my own!

I am so glad that I made the switch to communication studies. It has presented a world of opportunities for me and I have loved every minute of it. My future plans are to either have a career in public relations or IMC, we shall see where I end up at once I receive my degree.

I would like to thank a few professors, who are so lucky to have to put up with me for one more semester. Dr. Persuit for giving me the override for this class after my countless emails and office visits begging you to let me in. It has been a great experience and has really been one of my favorite classes.

Jennifer Chin for letting me into Intro to PR this semester so that I could take Advanced PR in the fall, which would allow me to graduate in December. I am looking forward to it.

Tammala Bulger for answering my email in the fall of 2009, and calling me out for not properly calling communication studies the right name. You helped put on the right track to graduate.

I can’t leave out my amazing group mates in Com 200, Taren, Sam, & Heidi. We made it through that challenging class, which I have to say, was much harder than any history class I ever took, including my senior seminar class.

Congrats to all of the graduates….now go out and find a job so you can hook me up with one for January 2012!

-Scott Burgess

With my graduation date drawing near, I am forced to evaluate my life; where it has been and where it is heading. My time at UNCW has taught me a lot about myself and what I want to do with my life as well as other plans for my future. The classes that I have taken in my path to a degree in communication studies have taught me many things about many subjects that I will use in my future no matter what communication studies related job I take. At first when I was told to blog about my time at UNCW, I wanted to boycott. I don’t want to reminisce about my four years at UNCW and how I am now a big girl and have to face the real world. The most important thing I have learned since moving to Wilmington and attending college is to be true to myself. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and didn’t know how to figure out what I wanted to do. So by taking the wide range of courses offered through the Comm Studies department I was able to try a little bit of everything. I think that the capstone course that is required before graduation is finally what forced me to choose.  I didn’t have a choice but to pick something and go with it. I decided that I want to be a wedding planner. There aren’t any classes in particular that made me choose this but a little of everything. I realized that it’s scary to choose a path and start down it but by staying true to myself  I know that I am making the right choice for me, not just because it’s time to be a grown up. It’s time to graduate and make a name for myself in the real world but my experience at UNCW has me fully prepared to jump off the deep end and straight into the pool of professionals. I want to thank every single professor that I have had the pleasure of taking classes from. Each one of them have made such an impact on my life and I am prepared because of their expertise and real world experiences. I am truly going to miss of them and miss this school, even though I will be very happy sleeping in before I get my real job!

-Melissa Gagliardi

This semester has given true meaning to the expression “time flies”, probably because I have been so busy with school and my internship. I want to thank Dr. Persuit, Dr. Fellows, and the Southern States Communication Association for letting us create an IMC Plan for them and guiding us along the way. I have enjoyed putting the lessons learned in the Advanced IMC class to actual use with clients. I also want to thank Lauren Frye, who taught me the joys of writing in Strategic Writing last semester. Honestly, I had no interest in writing before I took her class. Now, I write everyday in my internship using the skills Ms. Frye taught me in her course and I actually enjoy it! Lastly, another reason I have been so busy this semester is because I am the Community Outreach Chair of the Communication Studies Society. I want to thank Jennifer Chin for being a wonderful faculty adviser and for helping us make a difference in our Com Department and the community of Wilmington. I won’t be graduating this semester, so I look forward to new and exciting experiences this summer and next fall in Wilmington! Good luck seniors, I’ll miss you!

-Allison Day

Switching To Green Is Much Easier Than You Think

Happy Earth Day! I hope you all are out there doing your part to cut back on wastefulness and give back to the environment. However, we shouldn’t just return to our old ways of unneccasary consumerism tomorrow. We should make a collective effort to turn ourselves completely green. As Lynn Jurich explains in her article “The Rise of the Pocketbook Environmentalist”, that may be a lot easier than it onced seemed.

As you may have noticed in previous posts, a good amount of companies all across the board are switching to environmentally conscious ways of production and service. However, an interesting shift has taken place where buying the green products no longer costs an arm and a leg. Instead, Lynn Jurich explains that bargain purchases and green purchases have become one in the same. With the growing expanse of environmentally sound products, the competition has finally driven the price down to a level we can all handle. Companies are longer looking to market their ‘green’ products to the more affluent community, but instead expanding their reach to the entire public. Josh Dorfman, the author of “The Lazy Environmentalist” has actually invented an app that will allow you to scan any product and see the environmental impact it has. While the already green products would be obvious, Dorfman says this app will help you decided from the less discernible products like Dove and Ivory soap, perhaps. These improvements in technology and intelligence put the power in the hands of the consumer. Now the producers will have no choice but to jump on the green train and lower their impact. For companies, it’s either go green or get out of the way.

-Will Cosden, Micaela Fouhy, Brie Golden, Lindsey Baggett, Drew Mayer

How Green Do We Go?

When an organization “goes green,” what does this really include?  As some of the other posts on this topic have noted, it is important for an organization to establish what “going green” means for them and what it means for their patrons.  Is it enough just be a business that recycles? Do you only purchase certain products from outside sources?  How far does the organization need to go?

“Going Green” impacts more than just the environment.  If the concept is important to the organization it can dictate so many decisions and can mean big changes.  These decisions go further than creating a new marketing campaign.  Many corporations started using the “green” movement to revamp their brand image a few years ago.  Convincing campaigns can lead a viewer to believe that more is being done than in reality.  Eventually, environmentalists will uncover their efforts.

Walmart, for example, implemented their new packaging strategy in 2006.  The new plan decreases the amount of packaging materials used and is supposed to reduce the total amount by 5% by 2013.  Even though 5% may not sound like a lot, after considering ALL the Walmarts and companies owned by Walmart (Sam’s Club, etc) it certainly adds up.  The idea of Socially Responsible Investors (SRI’s) is weighing heavily on organizations as well.  Without investments or capital, how is an organization going to pay for production?

As the “going green” movement proceeds, it is important for businesses to cater to the developments not just to appease customers, but to appease other business owners that will influence growth.  Establishing a plan without exaggerating the strategies can go a long way when creating a new face for an organization!

-Katelyn Truss