So…What Exactly is Corporate Communication?

 In defining Corporate Communication this early in the semester it is important to note that our class definition is somewhat vague now, however it supplies us with a good foundation. With that being said we decided to jump ahead and do some of our own research to expand our definition. In every definition we found there was at least a mention of crisis communication. In most cases, the definitions stressed the importance of communicating quickly and efficiently during a crisis.

This research left us baffled as to why our definition fails to include the propensity for crisis management. Despite the greatest risk management efforts, organizations still suffer from crisis every day. It is the responsibility of these organizations to recover from these hardships while still maintaining favorable relations with stakeholders. How a company responds and recuperates after crisis is a vital part of the organizations corporate communication.  That is why we feel it is necessary to incorporate crisis management into the umbrella that encompasses corporate communication. As the semester moves along we look forward to visiting this idea of crisis management in case studies and in any corporate settings we may encounter in our own future careers.

-Gracie, Emily, Meghan, Wade

What is Corporate Communication?

Defining Corporate Communication was a bit of a challenge for us as a group.  We spent nearly an hour trying to generate a common definition that encompassed all our ideas of what the subject truly is.  As a class, we broke up into five different groups and came up with definitions that had similar starting points but all were worded differently.  Then, with the help of our professor, we selected key words and phrases that stood out and that would lead us towards a more appropriate definition.

We find it interesting that 20 college juniors and seniors all registered for a course with varying opinions on what it would entail.  This is more than likely due to the fact that Corporate Communication is such a broad subject.  Our textbook, Corporate Communication: A Guide to Theory and Practice by Joep Cornelissen, defines it as “a management function that offers a framework for the effective coordination of all internal and external communication with the overall purpose of establishing and maintaining favourable reputations with stakeholder groups upon which the organization is dependent.”  However, explaining that definition to someone else is more difficult than it seems which is why we find it important to put it in our own words.

Terms that proved relevant to our own understanding included reputation, narrative, persuasion, brand, symbolism, identity, integration, consistency, building, and maintaining, just to name a few.  From these key words our group decided that Corporate Communication is the communicative interaction of building and maintaining a reputation and consistent brand while fostering relationships internally and externally.  We realize that our understanding of the subject matter is still rather vague and that as the semester progresses we will continue to edit and expand both our understanding and definition of Corporate Communication.

…So this is our definition.  What is yours?

-Haley, Arielle, Lora, Danielle