Communication Studies Day 2015

CSD_logo_draftToday, the Communication Studies department will be celebrating the 14th annual Communication Studies Day. Two alumni panels are scheduled for 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in Leutze Hall 125 and the Communication Studies Society’s fashion show will be held at 12:15 p.m. in the Warwick Center.

Communication Studies Day is about much more than seniors begging alumni for interviews. It is about allowing COM and Pre-COM majors to see what they can accomplish with their degree. Panelists have been in the same situations that current students are facing in the present and therefore are an invaluable resource. They will be able to not only provide information about their careers, but advice and tips for students struggling to choose the path they will take. Translating into a full time job and climbing the ladder can be stressful and these alumni know firsthand.

There will be a wide range of careers represented during the panels, giving everyone a chance to benefit from Communication Studies Day. Come prepared to take advantage of a prime opportunity to listen, learn, and participate in a discussion that could change your future!

We will be live blogging and live tweeting so make sure to follow us on Twitter @UNCWIMC and like our Facebook page.

With that said, #WhereCanCOMTakeYou?

– Nick Bolick, Olivia Sadler & Patrick Wagner

Michelle: awkward and bald or strategic and purposeful?

So since we’re on the subject of political advertisements I thought we might go ahead and tackle the question of; what is up with Michelle Obama’s head? There has been a huge buzz across social media about her recent appearance on Jeopardy, where she looks bald.

As part of Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign, she has made several advertisements as well as appearances in order to support the cause. The latest being her appearance on Jeopardy. But many were distracted by her apparent lack of hair. Twitter blew up with people questioning what was going on with her new do.obama

As soon as I saw Obama’s bald head floating around the internet, her turn up video immediately came to mind. As you might expect, the first lady dancing awkwardly with a vegetable was a huge hit on social media as well. In the past, politicians and celebrities alike have done ridiculous things in order to gain publicity and get people talking about them or their cause. Remember bald Britney Spears? Yeah, I’m still trying to forget too.

Now my question to you is:

Was this just a bad hairdo coupled with misfortunate lighting? Or is it cleverly thought out hairdo and lighting, created to insight talk about Obama and her campaign.

The same could be said about Obama’s Turn up advertisement. Is Obama simply promoting her campaign with a popular tune? Or is she purposely dancing that awkwardly to incite social media uproar.  Either way, I found it hilarious.

What do y’all think?

Social media genious? …Or awkward fail?

-Jill, Spencer, James

What Would Olivia Pope Do?

For those of you who watch “Scandal” you all know the forbidden love story of President Fitz and Olivia Pope, who we’re all rooting for. However, for Monica Lewinsky and her presidential love, it was the exact opposite.

Last week Monica Lewinsky released a TED Talk that focused on bullying through and by media outlets. She begins the talk by telling a story of being hit on by a twenty-seven year old who used the pickup line, “I can make you feel twenty-two again.” Lewinsky then jokes, “I think I am the only person over forty that does not want to be twenty-two again.” She then explains that at the age of twenty-two she fell in love with her boss, who happened to be President Bill Clinton. Then, at age twenty-four she, “learned the devastating consequences.” Next, she asks the audience for a show of hands of the people who didn’t make any mistakes or do anything they regret at the age of twenty-two. Of course nobody raises their hands.

When the story broke, in 1998, social media wasn’t around yet. However, Lewinsky points out that people could still comment on things online, send cruel emails, use pictures in banner ads to catch viewer’s attention, and many other things. She quickly transformed from a private citizen to a hugely humiliated public figure. Lewinsky then states, “When this happened to me seventeen years ago, there was no name for it. Now we call it cyberbullying and online harassment.”

Monica Lewinsky is infamous for the scandal so many years ago, and is now trying to rebrand herself. In 1998, the media created an image for her as a tramp, slut, etc. Now she is using this image to gain people’s attention and educate listeners about cyberbullying and online harassment. She is rebranding herself and redefining her story. Sounds like advice Olivia Pope would give.


-Kelli Hall, Mallory Brayman, Morgan McCleaf

Detrimental or a Small Setback: The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

Politics and political matters have changed drastically with the introduction and progression of the Internet. The Internet has advanced in many ways that allows politicians to communicate their brand and message to a wide, varied crowd and has allowed public figures to establish a brand image on a social feed. An online presence has made it easier for politicians to connect and interact with potential voters, thus expanding the reach of their targeted campaigns. While the Internet has may have positive effects on politics, there are also negative effects that are unavoidable as the Internet continues to advance due to the quickness of news and the potential for leaks.


Hillary Clinton recently damaged her brand by allegedly communicating via her personal email instead of her professional email, deterring from the trusted brand she has created in her political career. Clinton discussed private, classified issues on her personal email account, and now she is facing the blowback from the press, her peers, the legal system, and the entire nation as her pending presidency nears.

Clinton tried to clear her name by calling an impromptu press conference, but it seemed to have the opposite effect when she deleted roughly 30,000 personal emails right before the meeting took place. By sending emails from her personal account, Clinton may have hurt her image in the public eye, which could in turn hurt her future candidacy. At such a crucial time in her political career, Clinton needs to pay careful attention to how her personal brand is viewed by her potential voters. Aside from print advertising, public figures must advertise themselves in the public eye especially in a presidential setting.

According to a poll released by CNN, a majority of American respondents think that Clinton made a mistake by using her personal email for work. The results of the poll show that 51% of the respondents think that this allegation will be a “somewhat serious” problem for Clinton, while the other 48% of respondents think that this will be a “very serious” matter.

Clinton claims that the use of her personal email for work related content was to help make her job a little less hectic. That being said, Clinton is still one of the front-runners for the 2016 election at this point. With election season nearing, American citizens will be continuously exposed to constant controversy. Does this controversy affect Hillary Clinton’s brand image, or is it unrelated to how she is portrayed in the public eye?

– Hannah Rodgers, Kaitlyn Russell, Anna Joy Zima