Moving On, But Never Forgetting.

Well UNCW, its been a long journey. One filled with ups and downs and everything in-between. I remember the horror of learning that I would be living in Galloway my freshman year and on the sixth floor no less! I remember having to walk up six flights of stairs every week when the elevator would break, and yet only in a place like Galloway could I have made such awesome life-long friends.

Aside from my freshman year dorm debacles, there were so many nights of beach volleyball with complete strangers. The club tennis practices, walking two miles to cook-out at 2am for no reason, and countless near death experiences with bikes and long-boards on Chancellors Walk. I remember living in the Suites when the Rec Center was being built and being woken up every morning by construction… fun times.

It seems like just yesterday I was grabbing a sandwich in the Landing for lunch and now I’m graduating. Time has a funny way of accelerating with each passing year, and you don’t realize the ride is over until it’s time to hop off and move on to the next one.

I would like to personally thank Dr. Allison Taylor who was my academic adviser and mentor when I was a Biology major. My junior year I was at a cross-roads in my life, not only academically but personally as well. Without her help and guidance I would not have transitioned to the Communication Studies department and I would have most likely been graduating from a different university a week from Saturday. I would also like to give a shout out to Dr. Persuit who has really given me real world experience in her Advertisement and IMC classes. I think it’s called something like “applied learning” hmm that sounds familiar. She is really good at pushing her students to achieve and is the first one to call them out on their crap when she knows they can do so much better. I would also like to thank Dr. LaPierre who also pushed me to give it my all in his classes and really show what I was capable off.

Its been real UNCW, this chapter in my life has closed and a new one awaits, but I’m glad I’ve spent my undergrad career at UNCW. I look forward to the future and the many potential job prospects back home in Charlotte!

-On a side note, all I have to say to the city of Wilmington and of its crazy drivers, traffic, and weird weather is “Bye Felicia”

-Spencer Brenes

It’s like a Butterfly

We all enter college with high hopes and expectations, with the world in front of us, and only opportunities to explore and indulge in. So much has changed and so much has stayed the same for me. I know from my time at UNC Wilmington that I could not have asked for a better experience both academically and socially. My time here has been anything but ordinary. With clubs, organizations and activities, I have built more connections and lasting relationships then I could have ever have asked for. As this chapter ends a new one begins. I look forward to what tomorrow may bring. Since you really never know what tomorrow will bring, below is a link to my website where you can learn a little bit more about me.

James Russell Cronberger

May your college memories last as long as your student loan payments

It seems like just yesterday I was walking to parties on Brickle road with my One Card around my neck, wondering how everyone knew I was a Freshman. If the permanent look of confusion on my face didn’t give it away, the lanyard definitely did. Although I have long since done away with my lanyard, my confusion remains. How did four years go by so fast? Why am I so old? What am I doing with my life?


I am happy to announce that I have found the answer to one of these questions! (Not the meaning of life.) Throughout my time in the Communication studies department I have become especially fond of advertising. My favorite projects were those that included client work and the creation of advertising campaigns. After looking for a job in  advertising for the past few months, I have accepted a position doing marketing and advertising work for Reliant Marine, here in Wilmington. So the answer to the question of what am I doing with my life is… ADVERTISING! Shout out to Dr. Persuit for making her advertising classes so engaging! #appliedlearning #eteal4life

Here’s a short video I made about my time here at UNCW:

-Jill Jardine
*drops mic*

It’s not Goodbye, It’s see you Soon

As a senior about to graduate this May, I can honestly tell you that I am scared for what lies ahead. Four years ago when I set-up my dorm in Schwartz Hall, I said to myself “this is going to be a nice long four years.” But as all of us senior’s know, it’s the exact opposite. It feels like just yesterday that I was meeting with my freshmen advisor trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my college career.

With absolutely zero regrets, I am proud of myself for beginning my major in Communication Studies. At first I had no idea what I wanted to get into, and to be honest, four years ago I didn’t even know what I was entirely skilled in. After taking COM 105 with Dr. Weber, I knew that this was something that I wanted to get into. Our Communication major has some many things you can dive into. Fortunately for me, I chose the right path of going into Advertising and IMC with Dr. Persuit, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Dr. Persuit’s classes have been everything but normal classes for me. When I walk into my Advertising II class it actually feels that I am walking into a small firm. I walk in, collaborate with my team members, than work on the client project that I have been working on for the whole semester. A lot of my classes are not like this, and my point is that our Communication major makes you work at a much higher level.


I have many memories as a COM major, but my most rewarding memories will probably be with my Pier601 Creative team. This Direct Individual Study has not only taught me how to juggle many projects at once, but has also given me the experience of working with clients one-on-one, and has given me the opportunity to really strengthen my skills in marketing and advertising. I am very thankful for Dr. Persuit picking me to join the team, and I am more than happy in meeting with Prone2paddle™; the client that I have currently been working with. My COM major has given me more than enough content to put on my resume from these past four years.

So as senior about to graduate in may, I may be scared, but I am also confident, ready, and more than prepared to tackle what is in the future.

Unclear With No Fear

When I came to UNCW I was the definition of undecided.  Growing up, whenever I was asked in school what my “dream job” was I never had an answer.  Sure, I had passions including media, music, and history but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to peruse or how I would do it. One thing I never doubted was how much I enjoyed learning and experiencing new things. This is why I never let the fact that I didn’t have a future plan cemented hold me back.

While at UNCW, I have had truly amazing experiences both academically and personally. In both the Communication Studies major and History minor I have had amazing teachers who challenged me to think in new ways.  Also, through taking part in the Honors program here at UNCW I have had the opportunity to work on a undergraduate research project and take a trip to DC all while making friends that I am sure will be a part of my life forever.

One of the greatest opportunities that I had while at UNCW was the chance to study abroad in Swansea, Wales. Prior to my six months there I had never even left the country. If you would have told Freshman Olivia that she would have the opportunity to travel to six countries in two weeks on a bus she would have said you were crazy. During my time abroad, I grew in ways as a person that I never could have predicted and gained a confidence I never had before.

(Neath Abbey in Wales)

4 years later, with graduation just weeks away, I am honestly still slightly undecided about what I want to do with my life. I am leaning towards working in the field of live entertainment, whether that be through promotion, marketing, or event planning or going to graduate school.  However, no matter what field I end up going into I know my experiences at UNCW and specifically the COM Department will help me to succeed!

-Olivia Sadler

It Feels Like Home To Me

It’s hard for me to believe that this week, I’ll go to my last classes as a UNCW student. I’ll eat on campus for the last time, hear the clock tower chime as I walk down Chancellor’s for the last time, and have my last chapter meeting with my sorority sisters.

As I reflect on the experiences I’ve had during my four years here, one thing is undeniable. This place feels like home to me. Everywhere I go, I see someone I know. Every day in class, I see the familiar faces of my classmates, or someone I’ve met through campus clubs and organizations. I’m not looking forward to saying goodbye to these moments.

Morgan McCleaf_Senior_Marked-59

Photo credit: Dakota Hersey Photography

If I had to give one piece of advice to other students, it would be to take the classes that challenge you. I took IMC 2 and Advertising 2 with Dr. Persuit, and even though these classes are difficult and the final projects are demanding, I felt more proud of the final outcome than I’ve ever felt about completing any project before. I’m so proud of the work I put in to complete them, and the soft skills I learned about team work are something I can take to the workplace with me. I would also advise anyone in the Communication Studies major to appreciate the friendships that come from working together on a project. A late night working on a marketing plan can easily turn into one of the best memories from the semester with a little bit of laughter (shout out to my IMC 2 friends who kept me laughing throughout finals week!). One of the best things about going to school here is that we have the opportunity to do applied learning, and I think that everyone should take advantage of that.

Morgan McCleaf_Senior_Marked-69

After graduation, I’m moving to Richmond, VA to start my professional career. I’m hoping to work in Human Resources or corporate event planning, and eventually I’m going back to school to get my MBA. I’m so thankful for all the wonderful memories I have from UNCW, and I’m thankful for every person who had a part in making these the best four years of my life.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know.

The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” -Dr. Seuss

-Morgan McCleaf

Goodbye isn’t Easy, but Neither is College

Fifteen days. That’s how many days I have left until I graduate from college. It hasn’t really sunk it yet and it probably won’t until just before Dr. Olsen calls my name out and I walk across the stage. I love school and I have always loved school, and to think it will be over in 15 short days is hard for me to process.

Everybody has different college experiences. When I was a Transfer to Teal Guide, I always gave the same piece of advice on tours to all of the potential Seahawks: your college experience is what YOU make of it. At the end of my senior year I can happily say that I took my own advice and made my college experience exactly what I wanted.  I have great friends, the best roommate (love you A) and a major that I love. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at UNCW, and there are several people and organizations that made my experience that much more memorable.


I would like to thank all of my professors, especially the ones in the Department of Communication Studies, that have contributed to my personal and educational growth. Dr. Persuit, I have taken five classes with you plus my Directed Individual Study. You have contributed the most to my degree concentration in IMC and Public Relations. Thank you for your guidance, humor, and overall attitude and outlook on life. Kaitlyn, thank you for being in my group in Applied Quantitative Research Methods and for the friendship that was formed in that class.

Being involved and meeting new people has always excited me. I am thankful for everybody I met and became friends with during my time as a Transfer to Teal Guide, Leadership Engagement Guide, Induction Chair of Lambda Pi Eta, Advertising Chair of Schwoodstock, and Pier601 Creative. I gained so much guidance and wisdom from each leadership position and it was an honor to serve each one.


I would be partially lying if I said that I was excited to graduate. While I am excited to graduate, I am not quite as excited about turning college into a memory. The friendships, experience, and knowledge that I gained here at UNCW will go with me as I continue on my life journey. UNCW and the COM Studies Department has shaped, developed, and prepared me for life after college and I am ready to charge forward and launch myself into the next parts of my life.

Seahawk pride forever.

-Anna Joy Zima